Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Ways To Modernise Your Home's Look

Letting a house become dated not just protects from the house's general visual appeal, but could also mean that you encounter maintenance issues like: a leaking roof, mold and peeling paint. Home's demand a great deal of attention and money invested into them to keep them if you are planning to invest your savings on doing your house, you ought to make sure that you're getting it right first time. Modernising things can improve quality of life, save you money on certain bills and boost the selling value of the home. Thus, let us have a look at a few recommendations to get you started...

Consider Floor

When we think of a new modern inside, we do not think of exhausted and ugly rug from the 1980's. Rather, we would advocate wood, laminate or Luxury Vinyl Tiles as better choices. Not only can these offer the brand new modern allure but are also far more durable and easier to maintain than rug. If you truly wish to go all out, then engineered or solid wood are excellent choices. Wood flooring is well known for its lavish premise and will present your house real additional character. Although hardwood flooring has existed for centuries, its prevalence is as large as it has ever been and will surely give your house the ultra-modern appearance. Once wood flooring is extremely popular with buyers and also circulates warmth, therefore ideal for lowering your heating bills.

Concentrate on the Kitchen

Frequently known as the heart of the home, a place for us to congregate after a long day, entertain our guests and prepare the Christmas lunch. We would say that if you're going to do up one area, make it the kitchen! Adding marble countertops gives a slick look and works well with pretty much all interior motifs. Glass cabinets operate very well, not only practical as you can see what is in them but seem really lavish. An island counter always works well and is frequently associated with higher end homes, as well as extra storage!

Update Windows

Natural lighting is obviously more desirable than just artificial. Increasing natural lighting can be done by installing larger or more windows. Old windows might be letting out the heat or cold in and therefore increasing your heating bills by greater than you'd think, therefore even should you spend a lot installing modern windows they can often end up paying for themselves. If you do not need to change the chimney, then repaint the frames and make them correctly cleaned -- this can often feel as if you've got entirely new windows.

Contemplate Furniture

Like whatever, furniture makes a house a home. Though not cheap by any means, getting new furniture can supply you with the ultra-modern appearance you've been following. Doing each of the renovations on the planet will count for nothing if you don't have furniture to match. You wish to go for a slick comparison, this will add character and keep things interesting.

Have Your Say

Have you got any tips to share with us on upgrading your inside? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Tuesday, 1 June 2021


Wood species investigates Janka hardness ratings as well as the flooring's general appearance, like color and grain pattern. So how can flooring grades fit into the mix? And do exotic hardwood flooring have a different grading system compared to national wood floors?

Understanding Exotic Wood Floor Grading

Jatoba wood flooring, also known as Brazilian Cherry, comes in 2 primary grading categories:

  • Clear tier -- derived from the heart of the tree, this flooring grade is among the most common exotic species and presents a warm, constant red color throughout.
  • Select tier (sometimes termed Select and Better) -- moving beyond the heart, this flooring grade includes some tan coloring with lighter shades of red.

Most freshwater timber species follow the exact same grading scale as Jatoba.

It is important to understand that grade has more to do with appearance, and less to do with general quality. All Brazilian Cherry grades carry the same Janka hardness score -- an impressive score of 2350.

Clear grade exotic hardwood flooring are commonly available and in high demand. You will find Select grade for a lower price, but make certain to bring a good look at the shop samples and know what you are paying for.

Some exotic species, like Brazilian Ebony or freshwater Oak, are largely available in Apparent tier. To get a distinctive, natural look, consider sourcing Rustic grade Brazilian timber flooring. This grade presents a dramatic variation of color in every plank.

Recognizing National Wood Floor Grading

Domestic wood species, such as Beech, Ash, Maple and Oak, are graded on a slightly different scale. Look for these two grades at your hardwood flooring retailer:

Select grade (occasionally called Select or Better) -- the top floor tier in domestic species presents quite consistent coloring and is comparatively free of knots, flaws, stripes and cracks.
Natural standard (sometimes termed #2 Frequent or Rustic) -- this flooring level presents a whole lot more character and inconsistencies, such as knots, sapwood, heartwood, and various defects. Choose this caliber for an aged appearance, or just to appreciate the beauty of pure wood.
You may also encounter #1 Common tier, which falls somewhere between these two. The most striking color variations are filtered out, and any knots bigger than a dime are lost. You'll find mineral streaks in #1 Common wood flooring too.

Differences in Quality

All timber used for timber flooring is conditioned to get rid of excess moisture, leading to better quality flooring made to endure for decades. Although cracks and knots found in Natural grade might pose potential problems, a fantastic conditioning will ensure this flooring grade meets the quality of Select grade.

Knowing the gaps between exotic hardwood floors grades and national wood flooring ranges can help you get smarter. Know the appearance you want and browse through the many grades and species prior to making your final order. Hardwood and engineered flooring retailers are always pleased to assist you make the very best choice for your residence.

Wednesday, 21 April 2021



Ever notice how a home with hardwood flooring makes a space feel instantly classy and elegant? There's a new trend in hardwood flooring that takes this look a step farther. It is wire-brushed wood floors. Wire brushed wood floors are floors which were brushed with stiff cable to remove the soft wood from the grain showing the heartwood. The look is much more rustic and the process actually produces a more powerful piece of wood.


1.They're Durable & SafeSince the softer wood is brushed off, leaving hardwood just, wire-brushed flooring have a rougher, earthier feel and can handle all of life's wear and tear. This excess texture even leaves the surface less slippery.

2.They Are Animal & Kid FriendlyIf your fantasy of having hardwood flooring dissipates when you realize you love your pets longer, there is good news! Contrary to other"tasteful" items in your home, wire-brushed floors hold up well under everyday wear and tear. They are ideal for animal-lovers, party-throwers, or young families.

3.They Have Timeless CharmReclaimed, distressed, and hand-scraped wood floors are just a couple of the styles that are popping up in homes everywhere. If you admire the rough, earthier look, but your house's style is not quite that rustic, wire-brushed floors may be an ideal mixture of daring yet classy. Wire-brushed floors provide only a bit of rustic allure, yet exude a classic elegance which will make your home feel warm and sophisticated.

Whether you are a long-time homeowner or trying to buy a new abode, nothing says"European charm" more than the usual wire-brushed hardwood flooring. Come to our showroom to view many more wood floors, exhibited gallery style, to give you a real idea of how it will appear in your property.

To get a Gorgeous hardwood flooring, call Floor Sanding Epsom at 020 3151 0997 Or contact us online to schedule your free, in-home consultation.

Friday, 15 January 2021


Aging is a true thing that happens to all people. With age, our motor skills get sloppier and we're more prone to slips and falls. In addition, we have less energy to spend on mundane tasks like cleaning. The way out is to adjust.

Selecting the proper flooring will help seniors avoid these complications in their everyday life.

The perfect flooring material ought to be soft enough to provide needed support to bones and joints in the event of accidents. At the same time, the floor should be relatively simple to maintain because some elderly also fight with mobility issues.

Here is our summary of the ideal flooring alternatives for seniors that balance ease of upkeep and safety.


Being soft and warm, carpet is often the go to flooring material for children's rooms. It is a fantastic flooring choice for elderly for the exact same reason. Carpet's cushioned surface provides much-needed support in the event of accidental falls. The heat it offers underfoot may also be advantageous to older, who often experience lack of body heat or have a difficulty maintaining it.

However, carpet flooring might not be an ideal choice for many seniors.

Carpet tends to collect dust particles from the fibers and then sets it free every time somebody steps on its own surface. This can harm the indoor air quality of the space and cause health related issues, especially for seniors dealing with respiratory illnesses.

Maintaining carpeting isn't the simplest of tasks. Due to its structure spills and stains may go deep into the cloth. This can make maintenance problematic for seniors, especially those who experience mobility problems. If not cleaned correctly, over time carpeting can become a home for bacteria and insects and result in sanitation problems.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl is made from rubber which gives the floor certain flexibility and protective ability in the event of accidental slips. Installing additional felt or cork paddings underneath can make the surface even more cushiony.

Caring for a vinyl flooring is as easy as it gets. Being a resilient floor it is almost impenetrable to water and stains. This makes vinyl floors a really hassle-free solution for senior citizen's flooring requirements.

The sole drawback installing a vinyl flooring has is its effect on the environment.

Vinyl is made of a non-renewable resource. The production process consumes fuel while setting free radicals along with other dangerous byproducts.

Cork Floors

Cork flooring are famed for their soft underfoot that's the most thing seniors want.

What is less known about cork is that along with creating tumbles and falls less painful it helps minimize heat loss and external sound.

Caring for a cork floor is relatively simple provided that the sealant is set up. The cork itself is a porous material, the sealant is the thing that protects its surface from stains and spills. To maintain cork floor clean all you'll want to do is sweep or vacuum on a regular basis.

As in with each porous flooring material the significant disadvantage with cork floors is its capacity to soak up liquids. To avoid any damage of the kind, cork floor ought to be resealed at least once a year.

Because of its softness bamboo flooring can easily be harmed by furniture legs, high heels or some other sharp object which could poke or scratch its surface.

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Things We Love About Wood Floors

At Epsom Floor Sanding we know hardwood flooring and the way it can add a sense of warmth to a room. In addition, we know that, like anything else, there are pros and cons of hardwood flooring.

Since wood flooring can continue through the generations, you may want to sand and refinish your hardwood flooring to bring back the beauty and natural glow inside them. As your personal taste and style shine over time, wood flooring serve as a timeless background for different alterations. Other types of floors might not be as adaptable and can easily start to look dated as inside décor styles change.

It can be relatively simple to match newly purchased hardwood with hardwood you have had installed in the past or in the event that you'd like to work on your project in stages and get more hardwood in the future. We provide a variety of prefinished options for your convenience. Our hardwood flooring is also available unfinished so that you may complete the wood with the stain of your choice and make even more choices to personalize your layout and suit your own personal taste.

Having floors which works with almost any style of décor ``'' from traditional to modern ``'' is a major benefit. In addition, hardwood floors it is available in different types of forests, for example:

  • Crimson Oak
  • White Oak
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Hickory
  • Fir
  • Pine
  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Birch

Thursday, 22 October 2020


Hardwood flooring is a natural product and can be very problematic when put in the wrong atmosphere.

Hardwood floors should be one of the last jobs done on a job site, limiting the foot traffic and operate completed after the flooring is installed.

Hardwood flooring shouldn't sit or be installed in an environment outside the recommended relative humidity range between 30- 50 percent to be successful. Outside of this 30-50% relative humidity array can cause significant problems with your hardwood flooring. Cupping, Cracking, and width variations are extremely common in flooring that's been put in the wrong environment.

Before you Program your flooring delivery, you must be sure of the following:

Is the sub floor moisture content over 2% of your hardwood flooring? Are all of your wet trades 100% finished? Drywall, Painting, Tiling, Masonry, and Concrete must be complete in order to lessen the hardwood floor's vulnerability to damaging relative humidity.

Have you got HVAC equipment running together with the capability to maintain a humidity level between 30-50%? An HRV is an air exchanger only. It does not control humidity.

Do you have a dehumidifier running on your basement to remove the excess moisture? A new residence will have between 1000-2000 gallons of moisture which needs to be removed so as to minimize the exposure of the hardwood floors to humidity. A substantial proportion of the moisture is in the cellar.

In case you have not answered yes to each these questions it might be in your very best interest to delay your shipping. The flooring will be better off sitting in our climate controlled warehouse than being at unfavourable job site requirements.

Having our floors at the work site or installed early in unfit conditions is just a dumb idea and therefore don't be a dummy.

Thursday, 10 September 2020

4 Tips to Protect your Hardwood Floors in the Summer

The temp outside is climbing! Do you know how to protect your flooring investment? Here are 4 simple tips to protect your floors in the warmth of summer!

Watch the Allergic Amounts

This tip is very important yearlong and particularly in the warmer months of summer. Air conditioning may dry the air out and in many areas of the nation, humidity levels rise to extremely high levels in the summertime. Neither extreme is healthy to your hardwood flooring. Some seasonal shrinking or expanding of your flooring will occur -- but you may keep this to a minimum by maintaining the humidity levels in your home within the recommended range of 30-50%.

Give a Little Additional Care to High-Traffic Spots

With warmer weather months comes longer outdoors! Obviously, you know exactly what that means -- even more possible dirt being tracked indoors! Dust and dirt can build up and scratch your flooring' finish. Maintain dirt to a minimum with frequent cleaning, paying a little additional focus on higher-traffic areas such as halls, entrances, etc..

Minimize Direct Exposure to Sunlight

You are careful to protect your skin throughout the hot summer months, the exact same should go for your flooring! Just as too much sunlight can damage your skin, direct sun can quickly damage your floor and cause unsightly fading and discoloration. Not only will shutting blinds or drawing curtains keep your house cooler in those warm summer months, but it is going to also prevent unnecessary harm to your gorgeous hardwood flooring.


A quick swim in the pool or a run through the sprinkler is a great, refreshing approach to exercise and cool off when the thermostat climbs into uncomfortably high levels. Be confident that when playtime is over, everybody is toweled dry and off before heading back in the home. Wood and water not mix -- make sure to mop up spills as soon as you can keep your floors looking great!

At Floor Sanding Epsom we believe in quality hardwood flooring services. We are the Epsom Area wood floor refinishing and restoration specialists. We have been serving the Epsom Area area for 15+ years and we pride ourselves on high quality.